Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you for electing me to a second term as your At-Large City Councilwoman!  This victory would not have been possible without your support, encouragement, and help.

You have been with me through every step of this campaign, so I wanted to share my personal celebration with you.  Learning the results that more than 43,000 voters believe in me, in our shared vision for Denver, in my work to make that vision a reality….well, it’s just as overwhelming this time as it was the last.

What was new this time was reflecting on the entire campaign and election through the eyes and inquisitive questions of my six year old son:

“Why do people have to vote for you to be on City Council, mama?”

– Because its really important that they get a voice in Denver.  Elections are where we ask people what they want us to be working on in Denver, and if they agree they vote for you, so you know you’re heading in the right direction.

“How will they know to vote for you?”

– Well, we have to try to talk to them in a whole bunch of ways, like by sending them mail, on the computer, and by calling them or knocking on their doors.  We have to tell them about my work, and ask them to vote for me.

“Mama, why don’t I see any signs with your name on them?!?!?”  (I’m not sure which of you planted this question….)

– There are a lot of people across the whole city, and it costs a lot of money for yard signs, so we decided to use that money to talk to them directly.  Trust me, buddy, you don’t need a yard sign to win an election!

There you have it. That’s why I ran again.  Because I believe in the ideals of democracy.  I have seen our Denver City Democracy work in powerful ways to make the lives of our residents better in Denver, and I’m committed to continuing that work, for my son and for all the kids of Denver.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, both the accomplishments of my first term and this campaign.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your confidence in me, and in Denver.