Taking On Challenges

In her first term, Robin has brought new energy to the challenges facing Denver:

  • Strong advocacy to responsibly manage Denver’s growth, including affordable housing and transportation solutions
  • Shaped city budgets to restore library hours and expand child care and police protection
  • Expanded transparency and residents’ access to City Council decision-making

Thinking Big

Denver’s bright future also requires smart and bold leadership. Robin has focused on:

  • Advancing strategies for more housing options for our moderate and low-income households, seniors and workforce
  • Hands-on efforts to attract more middle-income, modern manufacturing jobs
  • Making Denver more sustainable, including solutions to expand recycling and composting

Shaping Denver’s Future

You can count on Robin to lead on critical issues:

  • City support for thriving neighborhoods and local business districts
  • Child care and other ways to support working families
  • Sustainable transportation options for a growing population

Victory endorsement